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Headhunter (Spearwoman) 2016-10-05

This unit is based on "The Headhunter" (one of my favourite peices of art). It's essentially a Spy-Spearman rebone, with the translation matrix tweaked to give it slightly more feminine proportions. I used the scouts head, made it slightly narrower and reskined it to look female, the hair is actually the Ear from C.Roland's Item Pack, again I used the translation matrix to stretch it, then skinned it to look like unkempt hair (I initially tried to use the horses tail, but it kept vanishing when I tried to attach it). I also used the Pauldron from that pack to increase the size of her breasts (I know, I'm sad...). A healthy amount of reskinning and there's a Sunday spent creating a unit I have no mod for. Any fantasy modders, please feel free to use this or alter it to your hearts content. There's also a button in the download.

Feedback welcome in the comments thread

(I've included the original picture in the images for comparitive puposes, I claim no credit for that and only wish my artistic talents were anywhere close to that standard)
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