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Health & Plague for BNW (v.19) 2016-10-05

Health & Plague for BNW (v.19)

  1. FramedArchitect
    This mod adds a new Health yield that can boost city growth, and Plagues that can spread through the world, devastating cities and units in their wake. Cities with positive Health convert it into food, while cities with negative Health are more likely to spawn and spread Plagues.
    In-Game Help Pedia => Game Concepts => Cities

    Vanilla and GnK versions available here

    Mod Mechanics
    • City Health is based on access to fresh water, local resources and features, population, and buildings.
    • Overall Empire Health magnifies local City Health, and is based on acquired Technologies and Policies, Happiness, and Difficulty.
    • Plagues always begin in cities with the lowest Health, and can quickly spread to nearby cities.
    • Plagues can spread faster along roads and sea routes, but slower across international borders.
    • Plagued cities are very likely to lose citizens to the disease, and heal much more slowly if attacked.
    • Units near plagued cities will take damage each turn, and may get the Diseased Promotion.
    • World size, game speed, difficulty, and era all effect how fast and how far plagues will spread.
    • Plagues tend to peak in the Medieval Era and get less severe in modern eras.

    • Will conflict with mods that change: CityBannerManager, CityView, PlotMouseOverInclude, or TopPanel.


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