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Heavy Flamethrower 2016-10-05

Heavy Flamethrower

  1. WarKirby
    This unit is a heavily armoured flamethrower soldier. He wears a suit of powered Plasma Steel armour, and carries a portable heavy flamer with back mounted fuel pack.

    This unit uses a converted Dawn of War space marine as the base, and so Relic entertainment is credited.

    It uses a custom Flamethrower.kfm which I have included, this is primarily for enabling effects. The animations used are from the Nextwar Cyborg. The flame effect is NOT included. The effect pictured is from Planetfall and is referenced in the kfm as EFFECT_RIFLEBLAST_FLAMES2. More info about the effect here

    The included kfm can be placed anywhere within your mod's assets directory, and does NOT have to be in the same folder as the unit .nif. Just as long as the paths are correct for both in the artdefine.

    The recommended scale for this unit is 0.5, slightly larger than an average human. The unit's armour, weapon and backpack are fully team colored. For ease of editing, my layered .psd texture files for the two textures used are included in this download.

    Polycount: 1281
    Textures: 1x (512x512) 1x (256x256)
    KFM: Flamethrower.kfm (included)


    1. demo2_OOM.jpg