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Heavy Ship of the Line 2016-10-05

I know there is a few SotL out there, but none of them really had enough guns to satisfy me, so I took it upon myself to make one with a few more.

It is just a simple reskin, in two different colours. White, and Yellow as used by the British ad Trafalgar and other places.

The textures can be used with any of the previous SotL or MoW, as long as they use the default Frigates hull.

I also did include the default frigates hull with the guns "removed" as I found it was not in the mood to have a 100 gun, Ship of the line sporting maybe 20, too big and in the wrong places. To use it you will have to copy and rename one to frigate_freeze1000.nif and one to frigate_freeze1021.nif or you will still get some guns at different times when the unit is not selected.

The default colour is the yellow one, but if you wish to use the white variant, rename frigate-w.dds to just plain old frigate.dds, deleting or renaming others as needed.

Hopefully this is up to standard,

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