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Helmet prop for poser 2016-10-05

small helmet prop for use in Poser.

I originally made the prop based on a photo of a lead figurine.
This is Helmet and Scarf. It includes UV Maps (templates) and a crude texture)

I didn't like it for some reason, and after examining the proportions, I realized it could not fit a human. So I remade a shorter (corrected) version.
This is Helmet_sm and scarf_sm. It includes UV maps and a better texture.

There is a scarf + tassle this is the same as Scarf. It is the older, larger one. I included seperate scarfs (no tassles) for both the large and small sizes. The tassle is a seperate object so you don't have to distort the tassle to resize the scarf within Poser.

There are 3 sets of horns. A standard size, a short size and a long curvy size.

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