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Hex Conquer and Release 2016-10-05

Hex Conquer and Release

  1. Rozumiyko
    Hex Conquer and Release (v 3)
    Mod for Civilization V by Matviyko Rozumiyko

    • Land combat units can conquer enemy plots they occupy and adjacent enemy plots.
    • Units, cities and citadels can control adjacent tiles to prevent them from being captured by enemy units.
    • The invader unit must spend one before gaining control over the occupied plots.
    • When a plot with a city or a citadel is captured, its adjacent tiles are captured as well.
    • Enemy plots not controlled by enemy units might be regained by the city which can work them.
    • When a city is captured, non-adjacent city plots need to be captured separately.
    • Isolated of partially isolated distant plots may switch to the closest city of another player.
    • Peace treaty reestablishes a reasonable border: plots not worked by one city switch to the city which can work them.
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    Version: 2016-10-05
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