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Hexette - 16x16 World Map 2016-10-05

Inspired by SHard's 20x20 world map, I determined to make one even tinier. 16x16 is the smallest the editor is going to accept, so I naturally went for that. A screenshot follows in the next post.

It contains at least one of each resource. Some key ones - Iron, Coal, Rubber, Oil, Uranium and Furs - are found both in the Old World and the New one. Aluminium is only to be found in Australia! There's also a total of four fish.

Feel free to point out inaccuracies - there's not much to be done about it at this scale anyway. If it looks remotely like the real Earth I've achieved my goal.

There are two versions - "hexette.bi_" is simply the map, whereas "Hexette MiniMod.bi_" has five start locations placed (one in each in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South Ameria), max players set to five, road movement multiplier to two, and the OCN cut to nine, and the tech research factor lowered.

I love feedback - especially from anyone who has actually played the map!


Hexette is now available for Vanilla, PTW, and C3C. Chose your download

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