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Hiawatha of the Iroquois

Adds the Iroquois Civilization to the game.

  1. Toussaint10326
    This mod adds the Iroquois Civilization lead by Hiawatha. He is one of the most famous and revered Iroquois chiefs, and had a huge impact in defining their culture today.


    UB: Longhouse. A unique building that replaces the Workshop. It provides 1 Housing and Amenity, as well as Faith and Culture.

    UU: Mohawk Warrior. Unique Classical Era melee unit that replaces the swordsman. Does not require Iron to produce, and when one is produced a free one is also given.

    UA: First of the Mohicans. Hiawatha given a free Builder unit upon constructing an Industrial zone. Holy Sites are also cheaper to produce.

    CA: The Great Warpath. The Iroquois will receive a free recon unit each time one is trained. Vanquished enemies yield half their combat strength in Production.

    Leader Agenda: Deciple of Hinon. Is friendly towards civilizations that value lasting friendship. Hates civilizations that declare surprise wars.

    Compatibility: YnAEMP (Ex. Largest Earth) and all mods made by me.

    Credits: Leader art is owned by Firaxis.