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Highland Swordsman 2016-10-05

Highland Swordsman

  1. WarKirby
    This is a swordsman unit I made for the Austrin race in FF.They are a race of explorers, and wilderness survivalists, so I thought a Highlander would do well as their swordsman unit. The design is based loosely on a traditional Scottish highland warrior, and the sword design is based on the film Breaveheart.

    This swordsman carries a two-handed Claymore. It uses Axeman anims, NOT Swordsman. This is important to make the sword swing with both hands. The sword has black cloth around the base of the blade, which acts as a "second hilt" for holding when idle, and makes the animations look right.

    634 faces
    2 textures:
    austrin_swordsman.dds 128x128
    sword_tex.dds 128x64

    Uses Axeman anims


    1. demo2_2mw.jpg