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Himeji Samurai Castle Wonder (XML+Python) 2016-10-05

More code I made for Thomas' War:

I also released this in trait form. Basically, as long as you have the wonder and it's not obsolete you receive double gold from pillaging and enemies receive no gold from pillaging improvements or capturing cities within your cultural borders.

I know, not the same bonus as in Civ Revolution, but the +attack bonus can be easily done in XML by making the building give combat 1 or a custom promotion.

All the python is labeled and searching for 'Himeji' or 'Samurai' or 'Castle' should find the changes.

I recommend downloading and using Winmerge to combine python.

XML+python: me, tsentom1
Model: Taken from EE2 uploaded by Walter Hawkwood
Wonder Movie: Arian

Edit 1: Added wonder movie made by Arian; thanks
Edit 2: Cleaned up the code to make it easier to merger. Functionally the same.
Edit 3: Updated the modcomp with much better art. Special Thanks to Walter Hawkwood!
Edit 4: Fixed the LPlot, was 3x3, but fits better as a 2x2. Capitalized Can't and Inside in its description. Nothing important just cleaning things up as I see them.

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