Hinin's Imazighen (Dihya al-Kahina) for VP v.3

Adds The Imazighen, led by Dihya al-Kahina, to Vox Populi

  1. Hinin
    Adds the Imazighen, led by Dihya al-Kahina, to Vox Populi. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP.

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    Research bases :
    - Britannica
    - World History Encyclopedia : sources checked beforehand

    Artistic Credits (all rights reserved for the original authors) :
    - Christos Giannopoulos : original painting for the Aysas
    - A. Aberjano : original painting for the Tnoy
    - Gedemon, Nutty & Dolen2 : Original 3d models from Ethnic Diversity (Arabian Pikeman and Babylonian Horseman)
    - DJSHenninger : 3d model and UI icon for the Imajal (Tuva mod)
    - Idir : Ssendu (Peace Theme)
    - Ensemble Weddey : Cheval à Galaten (War Theme)

    Credits :
    - gwennog : CivIcon, UnitIcons, BuildingIcon Promotion Icons, DoM loading screen, help with finding music Themes, help with Map
    - Hinin : Design, Code, CivIcon, UnitIcons, BuildingIcon, Map, Research, Writing (parts only), dds modifications for UUs

    Special Thanks :
    - gwennog : moral support
    - Asterix Rage : dimension guide for icons
    - VP and 4UC teams : SQL inspiration