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Historia Vincit 1.4

A Mod that adds tons of fun to the game and 7 Historical Scenarios including Earth 2020!

  1. Louis the XIV
    This is Historical Mod I have been working on for months.
    (Pics Below)

    Thread Link with detailed explanation: Discussion Thread

    Update Patch: https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/historia-vincit-update-patches.28466/
    (or reinstall the mod)

    *Civil War: If your cities become very unhappy a civil war will break out in your kingdom

    *Roman Civil War

    *17 Religions

    *7 Historical Scenarios

    *2 Python Maps

    *63 New Units including unique units including 17 Religious Missionaries

    *8 New Buildings not including the Religious Buildings

    *21 New Wonders including Religious Shrines

    *18 New Civilizations all with at least 2 unique units per civ

    *60 New Leaders

    *9 New Techs and edited some tech names and buttons

    This mod is still currently under construction with tons of updates on the way!

    Known Issues: If the game has very many civs do not OPEN WORLDBUILDER! The game will crash! You can try but I recommend you give a save to the current game you are playing.


    HV Units.JPG Leaders2.JPG Leaders1.JPG

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