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Historia Vincit 1.4

A Mod that adds tons of fun to the game and 7 Historical Scenarios including Earth 2020!

  1. Historia Vincit 1.4

    Louis the XIV
    Added 40 New Leaders!
    Fixed the Medieval scenario
    Added more modern looking leaders in the Earth 2020 scenario

    Future Plans coming in update 1.5:
    -Fall of Rome
    -Fall of Mongolia
    -Timurid civilization
    -Inuit civilization
    -Iriqouis civilization
  2. Historia Vincit 1.3

    Louis the XIV
    New features in the 1.3 update:

    Or download the Patch here: Patch 1.3

    -2 new civs: Manchuria and Yakut
    -3 new leaders: Shunzhi, Taizu, and Tygyn
    -2 new units: Eight Banner, and Okhotnik
    -When building a Fort and operating the Bureaucracy civic a unit of the current era appears: Classical=Archer, Medieval=Crossbowman, Renessaince=Musketeer, Industrial=Rifleman, Modern=Infantry
    -Added historical wars...
  3. Historia Vincit

    Louis the XIV
    This is the normal version of the mod.
    Update coming Sunday!