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Historical Religions Complete (BNW or GK) 2016-10-05

Historical Religions Complete (BNW or GK)

  1. Tomatekh
    This mod is compatible with both the Brave New World and the Gods and Kings expansions.

    Steam Workshop Download


    This is a stand-alone edit of my Historical Religions mod (you do not need to use the main mod to use this version), which can be found here:

    Historical Religions (Steam / Civfanatics)

    As I've released a number of denomination packs by this point, this mod combines the main Historical Religions mod and all the various denomination packs into a single download. In total, it includes about 105 new religions (63 from Historical Religions and 42 from religious denominations).

    This mod includes the following packs:

    - Historical Religions (Steam / Civfanatics)

    - Christian Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Protestant Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Islamic Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Hindu Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Buddhist Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Mesopotamian Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - High American Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Greco-Roman Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Oceanic Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Egyptian Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)

    - Great Prophet Historical Names (Steam / Civfanatics)

    Additionally, the following religions are present in the complete version but have not yet been incorporated into the individual mods:

    - Arianism
    - Ahmadiyya
    - Druze
    - Santeria
    - Odinani (Nri Religion)
    - Mwari Cult (Zimbabwe Religion)
    - Saman (Tungusic Shamanism)
    - Temaukelism (Patagonian Religion)
    - Anito (Indigenous Philippine Religion)

    Does not include but is compatabile with Christianity Merge (Steam / Civfanatics). To disable Great Prophet names simple delety the entire "Great Prophet Names" folder from the mod folder (~/documents/my games/civ v/mods/historical religions complete).

    For additional details please see the download pages of the individual religion mods, linked above. This mod will be updated as I release new denomination packs in the future.

    If you wish to use less religions, check out my Historical Religions Edit (Steam / Civfanatics) mod.

    The mod includes updated preferences for the official civs and civs made by the following authors: Tomatekh, Leugi (Patria grande), Pouakai & Sukritact (More Civs), JFD, Hiram (Forgotten Civs), LastSword, TPangolin (Colonialist Legacy), Engarde, Trystero49, AgressiveWimp, TarcisioCM, Viregel, DJSHenniger, Han


    - This mod requires either the Brave New World or the Gods and Kings expansions.
    - Updates to the mod will most likely break saved games. Do not update unless you are ready to start a new game.


    Additional Credits:
    -Mithraism: Icon by Janboruta
    -Voodoo: Icon by Ryoga
    -Odinani: JFD; Pedia by Viregel


    Modders, please see this link for instructions on how to include internal support for this mod within your civilization mods.


    You may also be interested in Ryoga's Strange Religions mod: Ryoga's Strange Religions


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