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Historical Religions Edit (BNW or GK) 2016-10-05

Historical Religions Edit (BNW or GK)

  1. Tomatekh
    This mod is compatible with both the Brave New World and the Gods and Kings expansions.

    Steam Workshop Download


    This is an edit of my Historical Religions mod (Steam / Civfanatics)

    The main version of the mod adds 49 additional religions to the 13 included with the base game, for a total of 62. However, I know that a few people don’t like playing with so many additional religions. What this version does is edit down the additional religions to only include religions which civs have a preference for.

    It adds 13 additional religions to the 13 included in the default game for a total of 26 religions in-game. All official in-game civs have been updated to have an appropriate historical religious preference.

    All of my denomination packs are also collected in my Historical Religions Complete (Steam / Civfanatics).


    Modders, please see this link for instructions on how to include internal support for this mod within your civilization mods.


    - Buddhism (Siam)
    - Catholicism (France, Austria, Spain, Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Venice)
    - Eastern Orthodoxy (Russia, Byzantium)
    - Protestantism (America, England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden)
    - Confucianism (Korea)
    - Hinduism (India, Indonesia)
    - Islam (Arabia, Ottoman, Songhai, Morocco)
    - Judaism
    - Shinto (Japan)
    - Sikhism
    - Taoism (China)
    - Tengriism (Huns, Mongolia)
    - Zoroastrianism (Persia)

    - Hellenism (Greece, Rome)
    - Pesedjet (Egypt)
    - Canaanism (Carthage)
    - Chaldeanism (Babylon, Assyria)
    - Druidism (Celts)
    - Forn Siðr (Denmark)
    - Orenda (Iroquois)
    - Manaism (Polynesia)
    - Tlateomatiliztli (Aztec, Maya)
    - Pachaism (Inca)
    - Amatongo (Zulu)
    - Pohakantenna (Shoshone)
    - Oriental Orthodoxy (Ethiopia)


    Historical Religion Mods:
    - Christian Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Protestant Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Islamic Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Hindu Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Buddhist Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Mesopotamian Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Greco-Roman Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Egyptian Denominations (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Christianity Merge (Steam / Civfanatics)
    - Great Prophet Historical Names (Steam / Civfanatics)




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