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Historical Spawn Dates and Eras (R&F + GS) 1.2.0

Expanded version of Historical Spawn Dates with support for R&F, GS, and NFP expansions

  1. totalslacker
    Expanded version of Gedemon's Historical Spawn Dates mod with support for new features from the Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm expansions. Up-to-date with the New Frontier Pass and Babylon DLC. Not compatible with the base game, please use the original version of this mod for the base game (link at bottom).


    Select a Timeline when starting a New Game:
    • Standard Timeline: Based on a mixture of historical realism and gameplay balance
    • True Historical Start Timeline: Based on the national founding dates of countries or cities
    • Spawn By Era: Era based timeline. Players will appear at the beginning of a new Era.
    • Lite Mode: Isolated and Colonial Civilizations receive start dates. All other civilizations start the game normally on Turn 1

    Full list of start dates can be found in the Discussions section post (link here)

    Game Options
    • Complete Boosted Techs and Civics: Techs and Civics that would receive a eureka boost when spawning are completed
    • Bonus Great Person Points: Receive a burst of Great Person points towards all Great People types that can be earned in that era when spawning (adjusted for Game Speed)
    • Spawn Unique Units: Unique units will be included in the starting units
    • Era Buildings for all Civs: All Civs with HSD receive an Era Building in every city which boosts yields (Colonial Civs always receive the Era Building)
    • Colonization Mode: Activate dynamic colony generation for European Civs or any generic Civ added to the ColonizerCivs table in IsolatedCivs.sql
    • Disable Free City revolts: Cities in the Spawn Zone will not revolt
    • Dynamic Spawn Zones: Spawn zones can move dynamically and will be more randomized
    • Golden Age Start: Era Score is earned from Turn 1 for players waiting to spawn
    • Lesser Era Mode: Starting units for new players will be one Era behind
    Spawn Zones and Invasions
    • Spawn Zones cause surrounding cities to revolt, and they increase in size around the Starting Plot based on the Era
    • Protect your cities from revolt with Governors, but guard them well!
    • Cities without an established Governor in a Spawn Zone will revolt to the Free Cities faction (once per Player, does not apply to Original Capitals)
    • The spawning civilization will Declare War on the owner of the city if it has an established Governor
    • Spawning civilizations receive military units, based on the Era of the most advanced Player
    • The AI is scripted to launch an Invasion of the nearest Free City or enemy city in the Spawn Zone
    Gameplay Balance
    • Receive bonus Technologies, Civics, and Yields based on the progress of other Players
    • The Super Monument, a building which provides bonus loyalty pressure from all citizens, is spawned in the capital until the number of cities owned by the player exceeds the era limit
    • New cities receive bonus population, buildings and units until the era limit is reached
    • Players receive 1 Era Score per turn before they spawn, after the first Civ enters the Classical Era. Later starting players will spawn in a Normal or Golden Age, depending on factors such as number of players and game speed, while earlier starting players are more likely to start in a Dark Age
    Isolated and Colonial Civilizations
    • Isolated Civs spawn without any bonuses for added difficulty, but they receive a stronger version of the Grand Embassy trait which provides extra Science and Culture from Trade Routes to more advanced Civilizations (defined in IsolatedCivs.sql)
      • Isolated Civilizations:
      • Aztec, Cree, Inca, Mapuche, Maya, Maori
    • Late-game Colonial Civs start with the Democracy government unlocked and receive a copy of the Grand Embassy trait and the Era Building which provides bonus yields in every city depending on the Starting Era (defined in IsolatedCivs.sql)
      • Colonial Civilizations:
      • America, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Canada
    User Settings
    • How to change start dates:
      • Start date lists are found in the Tables folder of this mod. Choose the file that matches the Timeline of your choice. Open in a text editor to make changes to the start dates.
      • See the discussion post "Spawn Dates and Starting Eras" for the full list
    • How to make advanced changes:
      • See ScriptHSD.lua and InGameHSD.lua
    • How to get the most out of this mod:
      • Designed for TSL Earth maps. May be unbalanced on other map types.
      • Recommended map size is Huge or Giant for Earth maps, Large or Standard for other map types, with at least 20 or more players.Change the start dates to fit the map and game settings.
      • Select some Civilizations that start in the Ancient and Classical Eras to fill out the map and provide starting bonuses for other players
    Known Issues:
    • Players that conquer their first city before using a settler do not have an Original Capital, including AI players. This should not prevent Domination Victory
    • Gran Colombia will spawn their unique Great General unit at the start of every Era even if they have not spawned yet. Use Space Communist's Colombia Rework (changes the unique unit to appear after a Great Person is earned)
    Gedemon - original author, this mod was first posted on Civfanatics in 2017
    Tiramasu - the city conversion code from Free City States is present with changes for this mod
    LeeS - Wrote the Civ 6 Modding Guide which was invaluable



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