HistoriCanada: The New World

HistoriCanada: The New World 2016-10-05

HistoriCanada: The New World, also known as The History Game Canada, was a professional modding project developed by Toronto-based media firm Bitcasters in collaboration with Telefilm Canada and the Canadian National History Society to provide schools with a fun and engaging educational supplement. Developed over ten years on a million-dollar budget, it garnered international news and was praised by critics and gamers alike for its depth and detail. In 2007, 2K Games partnered with Bitcasters to promote the scenario's official release through the free distribution of 100 000 copies of Civilization III.

The New World is the first and only chapter in what was intended to be a three-part project. It takes place in the years 1525–1762, covering initial European exploration and colonization, the Beaver Wars, and the French and Indian Wars. The HistoriCanada website originally provided an external scorecard and supplementary reading on the period, but the site is now abandoned and largely non-functional.

This is a rehost of the package originally submitted to the Downloads Database in 2007, as the original HistoriCanada download page is no longer accessible. Requires Civ3 Conquests v1.22.
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