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History Rewritten

History Rewritten 1.25


"History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it."
- Winston Churchill

Version 1.25 released 13th December 2021
Armenians, Scythians, Economic Agreements, Military Pacts, New Music, and much more!

History Rewritten is an expansion and enhancement of Beyond the Sword designed for both Mac and Windows, single and multiplayer. Its philosophy is that new content and new mechanics are great, but only when they are designed and integrated well; carefully balanced, and using quality art. Many aspects of BTS have been rebalanced or redesigned to accomodate this, some quite extensively. The mod is actively developed; there've been 25 major updates since release back in 2010, and more are planned.

History Rewritten values historical accuracy, but equally strives for historical diversity and to avoid determinism. After all, you are not recreating history - you are rewriting it!

For more information, instructions, support, and discussion,
please visit the History Rewritten Forum!

  • Civil War!
  • New diplomatic deals
  • 58 civilizations, each with 2 UUs, 1 UB, and a Unique Wonder
  • 178 animated leaders with custom personalities and diplomacy
  • 20 traits, a unique combination for every leader
  • 36 civics, completely redesigned and with dissent ratings
  • 36 tenets to customize your state religion
  • 18 prophet-founded religions, faith, and reformations
  • 16 Corporations and Syndicates, redesigned with share trading
  • 145 technologies in a completely redesigned tech tree
  • 24 new buildings, extensive reworking of existing buildings
  • 8 new national wonders, 6 new world wonders
  • 18 new units, much rebalancing of existing units
  • 6 new promotions
  • New Great People mechanics
  • Culture spreads over trade routes
  • 21 new resources
  • 18 Natural Wonders
  • Orchards, Encampments, Fortresses, Paved Roads, Highways
  • Savannah, Wetlands, Islands, Atolls, Reefs, Marine Reserves
  • Terrain graphics based on satellite imagery (modified Blue Marble)
  • Cultural city and unit art for each civilization or cultural group
  • City names dynamically chosen, considering leader, era, and conquest
  • Culturally linked starts option on all random maps
  • Earth map with accurate start locations and free leader choice
  • 2 new gamespeeds: Saga, Odyssey
  • Enhanced interface and advisor screens
  • New music for many leaders and eras
  • K-Mod: significantly improved AI
  • Multiplayer compatible


In History Rewritten a civilization does not necessarily represent a single ethnicity, period or nationality, but instead strives to represent the political and cultural diversity of a people through the ages. All leaders are animated and each has a unique trait combination, custom personality and diplomacy text. Each civilization has two unique units, a unique building, a unique wonder, and its own set of unit and city art. City naming is dynamic and can vary by leader, era, and conqueror.

Spoiler :
--- EUROPE ---

Vercingetorix, Boudica, Cináed mac Ailpín, Brian Boru
• UU: Cidainh (replaces Chariot)
• UU: Cleddyfwr (replaces Swordsman)
• UB: Dun (replaces Walls)
• UW: Brú na Bóinne (replaces Royal Cemetery)

Aelfred, Richard, Elizabeth, Victoria, Churchill
• UU: Yeoman (replaces Longbowman)
• UU: Man of War (replaces Ship of the Line)
• UB: Public House (replaces Tavern)
• UW: Globe Theatre (replaces National Theatre)

Clovis, Richelieu, Louis, Napoleon, De Gaulle
• UU: Chevalier (replaces Heavy Horseman)
• UU: Musketeer (replaces Musketman)
• UB: Restaurant (replaces Supermarket)
• UW: The Louvre (replaces National Gallery)

Willem van Oranje, Michiel de Ruyter
• UU: Blauwe Garde (replaces Musketman)
• UU: Fluyt (replaces Galleon)
• UB: Polder (replaces Levee)
• UW: Amsterdam Bourse (replaces Stock Exchange)

Karolus, Maximilian, Frederick, Bismarck
• UU: Landsknecht (replaces Pikeman)
• UU: Panzer (replaces Tank)
• UB: Rathaus (replaces Courthouse)
• UW: Hansa (replaces Stock Exchange)

Ragnar, Knut, Gustav Adolph
• UU: Berserk (replaces Heavy Footman)
• UU: Drekar (replaces Cog)
• UB: Trading Post (replaces Lighthouse)
• UW: The Sagas (replaces Heroic Epic)

Casimir, Sobieski, Pilsudski
• UU: Strzelcy (replaces Crossbowman)
• UU: Winged Hussar (replaces Cuirassier)
• UB: Sejmik (replaces Courthouse)
• UW: Wieliczka (replaces National Museum)

Yaroslav, Peter, Yekaterina, Stalin
• UU: Cossack (replaces Cavalry)
• UU: Katyusha (replaces Mobile Artillery)
• UB: Belltower (replaces Lighthouse)
• UW: Hermitage (replaces National Gallery)

István, Corvin Mátyás, Kossuth
• UU: Lovasíjász (replaces Horse Archer)
• UU: Huszar (replaces Cuirassier)
• UB: Végvár (replaces Castle)
• UW: The Turul (replaces National Monument)​


Agamemnon, Leonidas, Perikles, Alexander
• UU: Hoplite (replaces Axeman)
• UU: Trireme (replaces War Galley)
• UB: Odeon (replaces Theatre)
• UW: Iliad and Odyssey (replaces Heroic Epic)

Scipio, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Domenico Selvo, Lorenzo de' Medici
• UU: Legionary (replaces Swordsman)
• UU: Ballista (replaces Catapult)
• UB: Forum (replaces Market)
• UW: Circus Maximus (replaces National Theatre)

Constantine, Justinian, Basil
• UU: Flamethrower (replaces Crossbowman)
• UU: Cataphract (replaces Heavy Horseman)
• UB: Hippodrome (replaces Stadium)
• UW: Pandidakterion (replaces Academy)

Hiram, Dido, Hannibal
• UU: Bireme (replaces Galley)
• UU: Atlas Elephant (replaces War Elephant)
• UB: Cothon (replaces Harbour)
• UW: War Harbour (replaces Naval Arsenal)

Argantonio, El Cid, Isabella, Filipe
• UU: Tercio (replaces Musketman)
• UU: Conquistador (replaces Cuirassier)
• UB: Citadel (replaces Castle)
• UW: Museo del Prado (replaces National Gallery)

Viriato, Henrique, Joao
• UU: Carrack (replaces Caravel)
• UU: Caçador (replaces Rifleman)
• UB: Feitoria (replaces Custom House)
• UW: Torre de Belém (replaces Naval Arsenal)​

--- AFRICA ---

Djoser, Hatshepsut, Ramesses
• UU: Wereryet (replaces Chariot)
• UU: Khopesh (replaces Swordsman)
• UB: Obelisk (replaces Monument)
• UW: The Sphinx (replaces National Monument)

Piye, Amanirena
• UU: Medjay (replaces Archer)
• UU: Hajana (replaces Cuirassier)
• UB: Blast Furnace (replaces Forge)
• UW: Nuri (replaces Royal Cemetery)

Ezana, Lalibela, Menelik, Selassie
• UU: Sarwe (replaces Pikeman)
• UU: Mehal Sefari (replaces Infantry)
• UB: Hawilt (replaces Monument)
• UW: Bete Giyorgis (replaces National Monument)

Masinissa, Dihya, Yusuf ibn Tashfin, Ahmad al-Mansur
• UU: Imajaghan (replaces Horse Archer)
• UU: Corsair (replaces Privateer)
• UB: Souq (replaces Market)
• UW: Alhambra (replaces Seasonal Palace)

Dingha Cisse, Sundjata, Musa, Askiya
• UU: Kelebolo (replaces Skirmisher)
• UU: Farari (replaces Heavy Horseman)
• UB: Djali (replaces Post Office)
• UW: Senuma Misiri (replaces Academy)

Oduduwa, Ewuare, Aminatu, Obasanjo
• UU: Isienmwenro (replaces Pikeman)
• UU: Yan Lifida (replaces Heavy Horseman)
• UB: Iya (replaces Walls)
• UW: Osun-Osogbo (replaces National Festival)

Mbemba, Nzinga
• UU: Pombos (replaces Heavy Footman)
• UU: Ebamba Ngolo (replaces Longbowman)
• UB: Raffia Mill (replaces Weaver)
• UW: Virunga (replaces National Park)

Shehe Mvita, Abu'l Mawahib, Barghash
• UU: Shujaa (replaces Skirmisher)
• UU: Dhow (replaces Cog)
• UB: Ziara (replaces Cemetery)
• UW: Mji Mkongwe (replaces Mint)

Shaka, Cetshwayo, Mandela
• UU: Impi (replaces Spearman)
• UU: Isikhulu (replaces Heavy Footman)
• UB: Ikhanda (replaces Barracks)
• UW: Maswinga (replaces Seasonal Palace)​

--- WEST ASIA ---

Gilgamesh, Sargon
• UU: Etlu (replaces Axeman)
• UU: Onager Cart (replaces Chariot)
• UB: Ziggurat (replaces Castle)
• UW: Epic of Gilgamesh (replaces Heroic Epic)

Ibrium, Hammurabi, Nebuchadnezzar
• UU: Sab Qassi (replaces Archer)
• UU: Kiskuttu (replaces Axeman)
• UB: Kiru (replaces Bath)
• UW: Ishtar Gate (replaces National Monument)

Tiglathpileser, Shammuramat, Ashurbanipal
• UU: Azmaru (replaces Spearman)
• UU: Siege Ram (replaces Siege Tower)
• UB: Ekal Masartu (replaces Barracks)
• UW: Ezida (replaces Academy)

Hattusili, Suppiluliuma
• UU: Meshedi (replaces Spearman)
• UU: Huluganni (replaces Chariot)
• UB: Huwasi (replaces Monument)
• UW: Puruli (replaces National Festival)

Tigranes, Ashot
• UU: Ayrudzi (replaces Horseman)
• UU: Fedayi (replaces Infantry)
• UB: Carpet Workshop (replaces Weaver)
• UW: Sasna Tsrer (replaces Heroic Epic)

Joshua, Solomon, Herod
• UU: Maccabee (replaces Swordsman)
• UU: Merkava (replaces Modern Armor)
• UB: Bamah (replaces Monument)
• UW: Masada (replaces Seasonal Palace)

Bilqis, Abu Bakr, Harun al-Rashid, Saladin, Nasser
• UU: Camel Archer (replaces Horse Archer)
• UU: Ansar (replaces Heavy Horseman)
• UB: Madrassa (replaces School)
• UW: Al Khazneh (replaces Mint)​


Cyrus, Darius, Khosrau, Abbas
• UU: Immortal (replaces Axeman)
• UU: Savaran (replaces Heavy Horseman)
• UB: Ab Anbar (replaces Aqueduct)
• UW: Gundeshapur (replaces Academy)

Tomyris, Ateas
• UU: Sagaris (replaces Axeman)
• UU: Aspabarata (replaces Horse Archer)
• UB: Kurgan (replaces Cemetery)
• UW: Psevdartaki (replaces National Festival)

Kadphises, Kanishka
• UU: Asvaka (replaces Horseman)
• UU: Trishula (replaces Pikeman)
• UB: Caravanserai (replaces Tavern)
• UW: Salsal (replaces National Monument)

Alp Arslan, Mehmed, Suleiman, Ataturk
• UU: Sipahi (replaces Horse Archer)
• UU: Janissary (replaces Musketman)
• UB: Hammam (replaces Bath)
• UW: Grand Bazaar (replaces Stock Exchange)

Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Timur
• UU: Mangudai (replaces Horse Archer)
• UU: Kheshig (replaces Heavy Horseman)
• UB: Ger (replaces Stable)
• UW: Epic of Jangar (replaces Heroic Epic)

Songtsen Gampo, Lobsang Gyatso
• UU: Khampa (replaces Horseman)
• UU: Phorgodpo (replaces Heavy Footman)
• UB: Gompa (replaces Library)
• UW: Potala Palace (replaces Seasonal Palace)​

--- SOUTH ASIA ---

Asoka, Chandragupta, Akbar, Gandhi
• UU: Ratha (replaces Chariot)
• UU: Siege Elephant (replaces Cannon)
• UB: Mausoleum (replaces Cemetery)
• UW: Nalanda (replaces Academy)

Rajendra, Krishnadevaraya, Mangammal
• UU: Aaivu (replaces Swordsman)
• UU: Dharani (replaces Dromon)
• UB: Kalari (replaces Stadium)
• UW: Brihadeeswarar (replaces National Theatre)

Anawrahta, Shin Sawbu, Bayinnaung
• UU: Kyundaw (replaces Swordsman)
• UU: Cassay (replaces Cavalry)
• UB: Paya (replaces School)
• UW: Thingyan (replaces National Festival)

Ram Khamhaeng, Naresuan, Mongkut
• UU: Chang Suek (replaces War Elephant)
• UU: Mahardlek (replaces Rifleman)
• UB: Floating Market (replaces Grocer)
• UW: Ramakien (replaces Heroic Epic)

Suryavarman, Jayavarman
• UU: Phak'ak (replaces Pikeman)
• UU: Ballista Elephant (replaces War Elephant)
• UB: Baray (replaces Aqueduct)
• UW: Prasat Bayon (replaces National Theatre)

Trung Sisters, Le Loi, Ho Chi Minh
• UU: Tay Pháo (replaces Musketman)
• UU: Viet Cong (replaces Infantry)
• UB: Dinh (replaces Civic Square)
• UW: Tale of Kieu (replaces Heroic Epic)

Dharmasetu, Tun Perak
• UU: Silat (replaces Swordsman)
• UU: Jong (replaces Caravel)
• UB: Gudang (replaces Lighthouse)
• UW: Tin Mint (replaces Mint)

Gajah Mada, Suharto
• UU: Padewakang (replaces Dromon)
• UU: Wirobrojo (replaces Rifleman)
• UB: Candi (replaces Bath)
• UW: Borobudur (replaces National Theatre)​

--- EAST ASIA ---

Qin Shi Huang, Taizong, Hongwu, Mao
• UU: Cho Ko Nu (replaces Crossbowman)
• UU: Junk (replaces Cog)
• UB: Tíng (replaces Theatre)
• UW: Terracotta Army (replaces Royal Cemetery)

Seondeok, Wang Kon, Sejong
• UU: Hwacha (replaces Bombard)
• UU: Geobukseon (replaces Galleass)
• UB: Seowon (replaces School)
• UW: Cheomseongdae (replaces Academy)

Jingu, Tokugawa, Meiji
• UU: Samurai (replaces Heavy Footman)
• UU: Kyudoka (replaces Longbowman)
• UB: Dojo (replaces Barracks)
• UW: Himeji Castle (replaces Military Academy)​

--- PACIFIC ---

Tu'itatui, Salamasina, Kamehameha, Rahiri
• UU: Toa (replaces Axeman)
• UU: Waka (replaces Galley)
• UB: Marae (replaces Civic Square)
• UW: The Moai (replaces National Monument)​

--- AMERICA ---

Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt
• UU: Minuteman (replaces Musketman)
• UU: Navy SEAL (replaces Paratrooper)
• UB: Mall (replaces Supermarket)
• UW: Wall Street (replaces Stock Exchange)

Hiawatha, Theyendanegea
• UU: Tomahawk (replaces Axeman)
• UU: Mohawk (replaces Musketman)
• UB: Longhouse (replaces Tannery)
• UW: Gayanashagowa (replaces Seasonal Palace)

Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse
• UU: Mounted Brave (replaces Horse Archer)
• UU: Buffalo Dancer (replaces Heavy Footman)
• UB: Inipi (replaces Bath)
• UW: Mahcoshica (replaces National Park)

Uwahci'l, Tuskaloosa
• UU: Falcon Dancer (replaces Axeman)
• UU:Amayxoya (replaces Longbowman)
• UB: Mound (replaces Castle)
• UW: Serpent Mound (replaces Royal Cemetery)

Kochininako, Po'pay
• UU: Atlatl (replaces Skirmisher)
• UU: Kachina Warrior (replaces Heavy Footman)
• UB: Kiva (replaces Theatre)
• UW: Cliff Palace (replaces Seasonal Palace)

Atlatl Cauac, Topiltzin, Montezuma, Juárez
• UU: Eagle Warrior (replaces Spearman)
• UU: Jaguar Warrior (replaces Swordsman)
• UB: Sacrificial Altar (replaces Jail)
• UW: Calmecac (replaces Military Academy)

Jasaw, Pacal, Xoc
• UU: Holkan (replaces Spearman)
• UU: Blowgunner (replaces Skirmisher)
• UB: Ball Court (replaces Stadium)
• UW: Ah Cacao (replaces Royal Cemetery)

Pachacuti, Huayna Capac
• UU: Slinger (replaces Skirmisher)
• UU: Aucakpussak (replaces Heavy Footman)
• UB: Tambo (replaces Post Office)
• UW: Machu Picchu (replaces Seasonal Palace)

Cunhambebe, Dom Pedro
• UU: Tamoyo (replaces Archer)
• UU: Bandeirante (replaces Cuirassier)
• UB: Fazenda (replaces Distillery)
• UW: Carnaval (replaces National Festival)​


There are 20 traits in History Rewritten and every leader has a unique trait combination.

Spoiler :

• Increased wealth from pillaging and capturing cities
• Commando promotion for Melee, Mounted, Gunpowder
• +1 happiness from Barracks, Stadium

• -50% war weariness
• +1 combat experience per battle
• +2 happiness in every city

• +50% Great Artist emergence
• +1 commerce per culture level of city
• +50% Wonder production

• Cities start with Walls
• Improvements are protected from Pillaging
• Medic I promotion for Melee, Archery, Gunpowder Units

• +2 relations with other civilizations
• +50% Great Spy emergence
• +1 trade route in every city

• +50% Great Merchant emergence
• +1 extra cargo space for Naval units
• +50% commerce from trade routes

• Cities start with 2 population
• Sentry promotion for Recon, Naval units
• 50% faster production of Settler, Colonist

• Always build wealth at a rate of 100%
• +1 wealth per specialist
• +25% share when founding Corporations

• -50% civic dissent
• +50% Great Doctor emergence
• +2 health in every city

• No resistance in captured cities
• Obtain rival research when acquiring cities
• -33% hurry production cost

• +50% Great Engineer emergence
• +1 production per culture level of city
• 50% faster production of Worker, Labourer, Workboat

• No anarchy
• +1 culture per specialist
• +1 happiness from Constabulary, Courthouse

• All Military civics available
• Cities start with Barracks
• Combat I promotion for Melee, Mounted, Gunpowder units

• -50% civic upkeep
• Improvements built 50% faster
• 100% faster production of Library

• 50% longer Golden Ages
• Always build research at a rate of 100%
• 100% faster production of School

• All Government civics available
• +1 espionage per specialist
• +50% National Wonder production

• +50% Great Scientist emergence
• +1 research per specialist
• +100% growth for Cottage, Hamlet, Village

• Cities start with State Religion
• +50% Great Prophet emergence
• Building Great Temple of State Religion starts a Golden Age

• No cost to upgrade military units
• +50% Great General emergence
• City Raider I promotion for Siege, Armoured units

• 25% faster production for buildings already in capital
• Always build culture at a rate of 100%
• +3 happiness from Palace​


There are a total of 36 civics in History Rewritten, divided into 6 categories. Most of the default civics have been replaced or redesigned. In addition to a maintenance rating, each civic has a dissent rating. Too much dissent, and your cities may try to secede!



There are no religious civics in History Rewritten. Instead, there are 36 religious tenets that let you customize the effects of your state religion. Tenets can only be changed when a Great Prophet triggers a reformation, and if they share a state religion, a reformation in one civilization can inspire or impose tenet changes in others!



11 new religions are added for a total of 18. History Rewritten includes world religions that are well known today but also several ancient religions, philosophies and mythologies that might have survived longer, developed more and spread further had history been a bit different. Each has a unique set of buildings and appropriately named missionary unit. Religions are founded by Great Prophets, which are generated by Faith - a new measure of a civilization's piety.

Spoiler :

Pesedjet (Egyptian)
• Shrine: Abu Simbel
• Great Temple: Mortuary
• Missionary: Hem-netjer

Anunnaki (Mesopotamian)
• Shrine: Entemenanki
• Great Temple: Altar
• Missionary: Ensi

Ba'alism (Syrian-Canaanite)
• Shrine: Maabed
• Great Temple: Sanctuary
• Missionary: Kohen

• Shrine: Temple of Solomon
• Great Temple: Synagogue
• Missionary: Rabbi

• Shrine: Church of the Nativity
• Great Temple: Cathedral
• Missionary: Missionary

• Shrine: Masjid al-Haram
• Great Temple: Mosque
• Missionary: Imam

Zoroastrianism (Iranian)
• Shrine: Adur Farnbag
• Great Temple: Atash Behram
• Missionary: Magi

• Shrine: Kashi Vishwanath
• Great Temple: Mandir
• Missionary: Guru

• Shrine: Mahabodhi
• Great Temple: Stupa
• Missionary: Bhikkhu

• Shrine: Kong Miao
• Great Temple: Pagoda
• Missionary: Scholar

• Shrine: Tiantán
• Great Temple: Academy
• Missionary: Tongji

Shinto (Japanese)
• Shrine: Ise-jingu
• Great Temple: Jingu
• Missionary: Kannushi

Olympianism (Greco-Roman)
• Shrine: Necromanteion
• Great Temple: Pantheon
• Missionary: Heirophant

Druidism (Celtic)
• Shrine: Ynys Môn
• Great Temple: Nemeton
• Missionary: Druid

Asatru (Germanic/Scandinavian)
• Shrine: Sigtúnir
• Great Temple: Hof
• Missionary: Gothi

Shamanism (Siberian/Native North American)
• Shrine: Stone of Visions
• Great Temple: Burial Ground
• Missionary: Shaman

Teotl (Mesoamerican)
• Shrine: Tlachihualtepetl
• Great Temple: Paganitzu
• Missionary: Tlamacazqui

Vodun (West African/Caribbean)
• Shrine: Tomb of the Ansyen Bon
• Great Temple: Hounfour
• Missionary: Houngan


History Rewritten's tech tree has been built completely from scratch and features 140 technologies across 7 eras.



History Rewritten includes 12 Corporations and 4 Syndicates, which have extensively redesigned mechanics: more resources, more competition, no maintenance, greater variety of yields and commerces, share trading, poor labour conditions (unhappiness), and disregard for the environment (unhealthiness).


Buildings in History Rewritten have been extensively redesigned, with 24 entirely new buildings added. There are 8 new national wonders and, just like unique buildings, every civilization has its own unique wonder. There are also 6 new world wonders added, with several standard wonders redesigned.

Spoiler :

New Buildings
• Cemetery
• Well
• Kiln
• Tannery
• Weaver
• Mill
• Constabulary
• Tavern
• Post Office
• Shipyard
• Bath
• Sewer
• Civic Square
• Park
• Museum
• Distillery
• Pharmacy
• Abbatoir
• Cinema
• Hotel
• News Press
• Telephone Exchange
• Gas Plant
• Solar Plant

New National Wonders
• Royal Cemetery
• Mint
• National Festival
• Naval Arsenal
• Telephone Network
• Refinery
• Security Bureau
• Silicon Valley

New World Wonders
• Olympic Games
• The Colosseum
• Jetavanaramaya
• Porcelain Tower
• Nazca Lines
• Brandenburg Gate​


Many units have been redesigned and rebalanced in History Rewritten. 23 new units have been added and each civilization has two unique units.

Spoiler :

New Support Units
• Colonist
• Labourer
• Humvee

New Archery Unit
• Skirmisher

New Mounted Unit
• Horseman

New Siege Units
• Ram
• Siege Tower
• Bombard

New Naval Units
• Dromon
• Cog
• Galleass
• Clipper
• Torpedo Boat
• Cruiser

New Air Units
• Biplane
• Drone

Other New Units
• Great Doctor
• Inquisitor

New Animals
• Hyena
• Tiger
• Jaguar
• Polar Bear
• Mammoth​


Terrain, Resources, and Improvements has been reworked and rebalanced in History Rewritten, and many new types have been added. Natural Wonders can also be found while exploring the world, which is rendered with an expanded version of Blue Marble.

Spoiler :

New Terrain
• Savannah
• Wetlands
• Islands
• Atolls
• Reefs

New Improvements
• Orchard
• Encampment
• Fortress
• Marine Reserve
• Paved Road
• Highway

New Resources

• Potato
• Olives
• Tobacco
• Opium
• Cocoa
• Coffee
• Tea
• Cotton
• Flax
• Hemp
• Rubber
• Prime Timber
• Bison
• Seals
• Salt
• Saltpeter
• Amber
• Jade
• Peat
• Bitumen
• Gas

Natural Wonders
• Aurora Australis
• Aurora Borealis
• Auyántepui
• Barringer Crater
• Dead Sea
• Eisreisenwelt
• Eye of the Sahara
• Great Barrier Reef
• Kilimanjaro
• Lake Baikal
• Mount Everest
• Mount Fuji
• Ngorongoro
• Pamukkale
• Salar de Uyuni
• Uluru
• Victoria Falls
• Yellowstone​

Island Clash.jpg


Spoiler :

History Rewritten has been designed and created by Xyth, but owes a debt of gratitude for both inspiration and content to these particular individuals:

• Platyping, for his valuable Python work
• Karadoc, for the essential K-Mod
• Bakuel, for his absolutely incredible unit sets
• Ekmek, creator of many great leaderheads
• The Capo, for many excellent leaderheads, units, and ideas
• Geomodder, for his groundwork with cultural citystyles
• Hrochland, for a lot of great building art
• ColdFever, for the beautiful Blue Marble terrain
• Azoth, for great ideas and helpful critique
• Simon_Jester, for his outstanding contributions to the pedia
• IanMusic, for his wonderful additions to the music​

Other people deserving credit for content or assistance: AlanH, Ambrox62, Amra, Asaf, avain, Baldyr, Cephalo, cfkane, charle88, Chugginator, Coffee Junkie, Cybrxkhan, Danrell, EmperorFool, esnaz, evilcoward, God-Emperor, IgorS, JustATourist, Lemon Merchant, Leoreth, LunarMongoose, MadmanOfALeader, mechaerik, Melcher Kürzer, MethylOrange, mourndraken, NotSoGood, Novator, OrionVeteran, pencilgod, ruff_hi, saibotlieh, Sakhr, s.bernbaum, Sevo, Temudjin, The Almighty dF, The J, Tsentom1, veBear, Walter Hawkwood, Willowmound, Zerver.

Thank you also to the players and testers, past and present, whose feedback has helped to refine History Rewritten better than I could ever manage alone: AbsintheRed, Absolution, ales_, Andrewicus, atirtanadi, BBQ_man, Boggy, cel10, civ_king, davidtylr, dretnoth, Eucalyptus, Howard Mahler, inasnapp, Jarlaxe Baenre, KeeperOT7Keys, Keinpferd, keldath, Lachlan, lindsay40k, Little Faith, Mr. Sulu, myclan, Nightstar, PlaysCiv, rsab, Skidizzle, Skwink Caesar, SpartanU, tchristensen, wanderm.
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  1. History Rewritten 1.25

    Music • New music for many leaders and eras, courtesy of IanMusic • Several existing pieces...
  2. History Rewritten 1.24.1

    Balance • Maximum civilizations increased to 56 (Windows only) • Civic Upkeep increased •...
  3. History Rewritten 1.24

    CHANGES K-Mod (Windows only) • Smarter and faster AI • Culture: more dynamic, more important...

Latest reviews

I highly recommend this mod. In my opinion this is the best modification of civ4
Excited to finally be able to play Indonesia in this one. Fantastic work :)
Brilliant reworking of the traits. Natural Wonders are nifty. Simply the best expansion to go beyond traditional nuts-n-bolts BtS. Keep up the fantastic work, Xyth!!
Deeper in all the features of the game! A masterpiece!
Been a fan since inception. Always look forward to an update when it happens.
One of the best mods!
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