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Hittite War Chariot - Fixed! 2016-10-05

Hittite War Chariot - Fixed!

  1. Civitar
    This is the Hittite War Chariot, from the Wonders of the Ancient World DLC. The original model is messed up and hence quite daunting to unit modders (seriously; one mesh is a chariot, a horse, and part of a horse's tail; another mesh is a horse with the chariot harness; and yet another mesh contains all of one horse tail).
    I've fixed it up so that the meshes are easy to replace for unit modders - there are still 5 meshes, but rather than being randomly determined they are:
    • Chariot + harness
    • Left-hand horse
    • Right-hand horse
    • Driver
    • Spearman

    The zip file contains the NB2 file to import the model to Blender for editing. The original game files are fine for everything else, like textures and FXSXML.