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Hoenn Region 2016-10-05

Hoenn Region

  1. Dragonxander PR
    Name: Hoenn Region for Civ IV

    Size: 97 x 61 tiles (regular Large map is 104 x 68 tiles), flat

    Description: This map is based on the Pokémon region of Hoenn. Overall, the land along the routes is intended to be similar as what's seen on the videogame. Outside the routes, the land is placed in more varied ways, for balance's sake. The topography is base primarily on the map of the region, and the hydrography is placed rather freely, but also more or less in accordance to the map.

    This map has 12 pre-programmed starting locations, & the map is intended to be used with 12 civilizations at a time (otherwise it would be too empty). The locations coincide almost always with cities or towns of the videogame, save for one location in an area distant from cities & towns. Since the map isn't a global one, height is the main factor for climates distribution, with the elevated areas being colder (the notable exception is an island on the upper right area of the map).

    This map doesn't include any goodie huts.

    To install:

    - Make sure to have either 7-zip File Manager, Windows Zip or any other file decompressing software compatible with the 7z files
    - Download the file & extract it
    - Place the file in your WorldBuilder saves folder ( ...\Beyond the Sword\Saves\WorldBuilder\ )

    Compare the map provided here:

    With the reference image:


    1. regi_n_hoenn_Wi7.png
    2. hoenn_referencia_JEu.png