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Horse Archer Unit 1.0

Adds the Barbarian Horse Archer as a unit available to all players.

  1. totalslacker
    Adds the Barbarian Horse Archer as a unit available to all players.


    Horse Archer
    • Melee Strength: 15
    • Ranged Strength: 25
    • Attack Range: 1
    • Movement: 3
    • Resource: Horses
    • Production Cost: 80
    • Gold Cost: 320
    • Maintenance: 2
    • Upgrades to: Field Cannon
    • Replaced by: Saka Horse Archer
    • Prerequisite: Horseback Riding
    • Obselete with: Ballistics

    To compensate for the new unit, the Saka Horse Archer receives the following changes:
    • Melee Strength: 20 (previously 15)
    • Ranged Strength: 30 (previously 25)
    • Keeps it's movement of 4 compared the regular Horse Archer's 3
    • Still doesn't require Horses

    Both the Horse Archer and Saka Horse Archer also receive the ability to move after attacking. This was taken from p0kiehl's Improved Tomyris and Scythia mod. Special thanks to the original creator of this ability.

    This mod may be unbalanced as I have not been able to test it extensively. Feedback is appreciated, or bug reports on crashes or anything not working correctly. I would especially like to know if the unit still spawns from barbarian encampments, and whether the AI builds the new unit.

    This mod should be compatible with Vanilla and Rise and Fall versions of the game.

    To install:
    Extract the contents of the ZIP file into your mods folder.
    Alternatively, this mod can be found on the Steam Workshop by clicking here.