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Hulfgars Modpack Industrial Edition for BNW v10RC 2016-10-05

Hulfgars Modpack Industrial Edition for BNW v10RC

  1. Hulfgar
    New Unit : the Carrack, first range with ocean going capacity, upgrade as Ship of the Line.
    New unit : the Military Engineer.
    Can build roads, rairoads, forts, bunkers, coastal artilleries, airfields and repair.
    It has 3 moves instead of 2, works faster than it's civilian counterpart and has a small defense strengh.

    Longbowman cost up to 150 (120)

    New skins :
    Light cruiser : Pallada class Protected Cruiser from Lord Tirian and a Protected cruiser converted by Wolfdog.
    German Musketman : skin from RI mod team converted by Zwei833. 3 skins used for Germany, Austria and Sweden.
    Coastal Artillery : new skin from Wolfdog for the modern unit. It's a big gun in a bunker.

    Icons :
    Corrected and added some unit flags and strategic view icons.
    New bullet icon for the Ammunitions

    Update for the Airfield : upon completion it will spawn an Airfield Support Unit.
    This unit is the real carrier as in the 1. version but now it is a civilian unit and can be captured!
    If captured the airfield will pass to the ennemy who may use it.
    A military unit can be stationed on the Airfield for protection.
    The skin for the Airfield Support Unit is a military truck, this unit requires 1 ammunition and 1 kerosene as supply.
    Airfield provides 50% defense bonus to it's Defense Force.
    Airfield will connect strategic resources to the empire.

    Update for the pedia of the Coastal Fortification.

    New Improvement : Bunker
    It provides 75% in Defense and will connect strategic resources to the empire. May be build outside the Civ's national territory.
    Civ4 skin by Asioasioasio, Civ5 conversion by Ekmek

    Projects :
    Mammoth Tank Project : moved to Tech Sloped Armor. It will spawn 2 Super Heavy Tanks upon completion.
    Heavy Tank Project : required to build Heavy Tanks, available with Tech Sloped Armor.
    The upgrade from Heavy Tank to Super Heavy Tank as been removed.

    Global Spying Network : Replaces the Keyhole Project, available with Tech Telecom.

    Science Victory :
    Sputnik : replaces the Spaceship in the space race for the Science Victory.
    This change is to keep the space race in the timeline of the mod.
    The splash screen has been updated, same for the pedia and some spaceship part names. The spaceship parts and the way is spaceship is assembled remain the same.

    Great Firewall moved to Tech Internet, becomes unavailable.
    Science yield boost from the Academy moved to Tech Computer

    Ballistics moved to the Mass Production Era

    Cost of all capital ships (ship of the line branch) : +50


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