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Hulfgars Modpack Industrial Edition for BNW ver9RC 2016-10-05

Hulfgars Modpack Industrial Edition for BNW ver9RC

  1. Hulfgar
    Special thanks to Vyvianarygos for testing ver 9 and to Wolfdog for converting units on demand :)

    Compatibility issues :

    Not compatible with Gods and Kings and Vanilla Civ5.

    To avoid conflict delete any older versions of the mod and delete the file Civ5DebugDatabase in ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\cache
    No compatible with earlier savegames.

    IGE : as always load IGE first

    Putmalk's CivIV Diplomacy Mod :

    1- Delete the file TopPanel.lua in ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Hulfgars Modpack Industrial Edition for BNW (v 6)\Merged Mods\AttilaResourcesTooltip
    2- Rename PutmalkTopPanel.lua in TopPanel.lua
    3- Rename TopPanel.lua Putmalk's mod's folder in TopPanel.back to deactivate it.

    Note : The mod was not tested with the last version of Putmalk's mod. I need to verify if it's still compatible.

    Enhanced User Interface DLC : delete the folder ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Hulfgars Modpack Industrial Edition for BNW \Merged Mods\AttilaResourcesTooltip and delete the file TechTree.lua in ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Hulfgars Modpack Industrial Edition for BNW ver9 RC (v 9)\Lua.

    Changes in ver.9 :

    Correction for the Sewer System : not a National Wonder anymore.
    The Naval Academy is now a National Wonder
    Wall Street requires only 1 Stock Exchange in the City where it will be build.
    Correction in the building files : all national and world wonders should now be unavailable to CS and barbarians.

    Promotion Field Hospital for the Medic, Light Cruiser and Cruiser (Troops stationed on ship or with a Medic heal 10 extra HP per turn. Troops in adjacents tiles heal 5 HP per turn.)

    Ammunition mod for the city states

    Airfield mod, based on Whoward69 mod and Bc1 code
    Airfield are airbases build to extend the support range of fighters and bombers. They can be build outside the civ's borders and can support 3 Aircraft.
    An Airfield can be build by a worker once radar has been researched. Upon completion it will spawn an Airfield Defense Force which is the real land carrier, so protect it!
    Airfields provide 50% def Bonus to their Defense Force.

    Coastal Fortification and Artillery :
    Once Radar has been researched workers can build a coastal fort in which a heavy artillery will spawn upon completion.
    The Artillery spawned will reflect the Era in wich it is build (renaissance : cannon, Industrial : field artillery, modern : artillery, post modern : coastal artillery)
    This artillery has no penalty vs ships, making it very useful to defend the shoreline. It cannot move, has no indirect fire, must be constructed on a tile in your own territory and the Coastal fortification may not be adjacent to another Coastal fortification.
    Coastal fortification will connect strategic resources to the Empire.

    New Unit : Light Cavalry, between the Knight and the Cavalry units. Uses Bernie14's Mounted Musketeer skin.
    Viet Cong skin from Wolfdog for the modern Partisans.
    Renault FT-17 Skins from Snafusmith
    Royal Marine Commando : Civ4 unit by Zerver, conversion by Wolfdog
    Mexican rurales skin from Bernie14 and Leugi as ethnic skins for Brazil, Aztec, Maya and Inca Line Infantry
    WW1 Bomber strength down to 35, get the naval penalty promotion

    Reworked Tech Tree with Smarter TechTree Pipes de Morlark

    Correction of the AI settings for the the Ship of the Line, Ironclad SoL and Ironclad Frigate

    For a complete list of changes since ver 6 see the file Hulfgars Modpack Industrial Edition for BNW.txt in the mod's folder.

    Discussion, comments, critics, feedback and more information here :