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Hulfgars Postmodern Expansion 2016-10-05

Hulfgars Postmodern Expansion

  1. Hulfgar
    Mod's features :

    This mod is an Add On for the mod Hulfgars Industrial Warfare Gods and Kings Edition v10.1
    It allows the player to research Post Modern Technologies and Units.

    !!! IMPORTANT !!! : The main mod Hulfgars Industrial Warfare Gods and Kings Edition ver 10.1 is required and must be activated before this mod.

    For details on the main mod see the thread on CivFanatics : http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=469433.

    For questions and feedback on this add on see the thread here : http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=471401

    Ver 6 :
    The Cruiser will upgrade as Missile Cruiser.
    Corrections in some tech costs
    Correction of an incompatibility with IGE
    Move for Missile Cruiser set to 8

    Ver 5 :
    Missile Factory : will grant the promotion Anti-Ship missile to any aircraft build in the city (+20%vs ships)

    Snafusmith's Skins added :
    - Mig 29 and F-15 skins
    - T72 for Carthage (Algeria), India, Babylon and Arabia (Iraq), Persia (Iran)
    - Challenger II for UK
    - Leopard 1A3 for Greece, Netherlands, Ottoman (Turkey)

    Navy Fighters upgrade to Jet Fighter, obsolete with Supersonic Flight
    Divebomber upgrade to Strike Fighter, obsolete with Integrated Circuits

    Ver 2 :
    Amphibious Assault Mod from Redox
    SDI Project
    Strike fighters
    Corrections in the Tech Tree

    Ver 1 :
    New Unit : Antitank infantry.
    New Wonder : Large Hadron Collider


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