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Humanoid Specialists 2016-10-05

These are humanoid specialists (popHeads file, replacements for Entertainer, Scientist, etc.) that I made for my Mystara mod. There's 2 versions, a non-civ-coloured version and one including civ-colouring.

They have a palette based entirely and completely upon these specialists, and isn't the original palette of the CivIII Conquests popHeads file. This is so that the files retain as much of their quality as possible for copying into other popHeads files, in case the palette has already been altered in those files. You may need to adjust the palette of your popHeads file a little if you copy these into your file to avoid degrading the quality.

There is also a second version of the Chief Shaman included, where he's wearing a War Bonnet.

Hopefully these can be used by others. As always, feel free to alter them, use them, re-colour or re-size them, or anything else you wish to do with them.

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