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Hundred Years War for Test of Time 2016-10-05

Hundred Years War for Test of Time

  1. Catfish
    John Ellis' Hundred Years War scenario for FW converted to Test of Time.

    On 24th May, 1337, King Phillip de Valois of France, desiring to unite the patchwork of fiefs and feudal holdings that diluted Royal power, declared that Guyenne (the lands around Bordeaux held by the English for a century) had been forfeited by King Edward "because of the many excesses, rebellious and disobedient acts committed by the King of England against Us and Our Royal Majesty". Edward responded by asserting a long-standing Plantagenet claim to the French Crown. Slowly, the two kingdoms lumbered into war...

    1. Extract the archive into your main Test of Time folder.
    2. You must have the 'Major objective' and 'Terrain overlays' options enabled in the ToTPP launcher.
    3. The ToTPP's 'No stack kills' option and 'Incremental rush buying' exploit fix are enabled in the game's rules files. If you wish to play using these options, tick the corresponding boxes in the ToTPP launcher.
    4. To hide the health bars for the Minor and Major Castle, Mont-St-Michel and Village units, tick the 'Override health bars' option in the ToTPP launcher.
    5. Under Graphic Options (Ctrl+P), disable Animated Units.

    Save all games in the 100 Years War scenario folder.​

    Graphics Modpack:

    Updated 19-Sep-2014:
    • New version requires ToTPP v0.9 or higher.
    • Additional Terrain2.bmp overlays for better terrain tiling.
    • Added classic style 8-frame combat animations from Icons.bmp.


    1. tot_100years_map_xhW.png
    2. tot_100years_scene1_546.png