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Hypnotech3's Huge Earth 2016-10-05

Hypnotech3's Huge Earth

  1. Madeira
    Huge 300x300 Earth map done by Hypnotech3 and updated by Madeira. Not as accurate as other earth maps because some areas have been shrunk while others enlarged, providing more room for expantion in areas like Europe, Japan and others.

    Uses terrain adapted from Ryes of Civilization and from other sources which I'll mention as soon as I recall where I got those files from ;)
    Use Supa's Savannahs as well.
    The latest version of the map requires Civ3 Conquests and includes some custom terrain, you can find a PTW version which doesnt include any custom terrain in the following post:

    No resources have been placed in either version.
    If you see any art whose author I havent mentioned please reply in this thread: