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I-400 Sen-Toku Submarine 2016-10-05

I-400 Sen-Toku Submarine

  1. rhodie
    The I-400 Sen-Toku Submarine was a top secret Japanese submarine aircraft-carrier built in 1945 to attack US cities and the Panama Canal. Each submarine carried three Aichi M6A1 Seiran special attack bomber/torpedo aircraft but Japan surrendered before they could be used.

    This unique submarine was included in my C3C scenario 'Defeat into Victory 2'.

    Included are installation instructions, complete Civilopedia.txt, Pedia Icons.txt, pedia images and sound files.
    1.31MB RAR

    Click the thumbnail icon below to view complete animation.


    1. i400_large_SHR.jpg
    2. i_400_sen_toku_submarine_anim_WW9.gif
    3. ifourhundred_detail_a_9tQ.jpg
    4. ifourhundred_detail_b_6JD.jpg