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Iberia 2016-10-05


  1. Evanescence
    v1.0 [10.11.2011]
    Size: 48 x 42
    Random resources
    Random start locations

    Relive the days of Reconquista in the historic landscape of the Iberian peninsula. This map features Europe's second largest peninsula and surrounding regions.

    The Rock of Gibraltar is the only natural wonder in the game.

    - Many geographic features, the rivers, the mountain ranges and whatnot have been adjusted to enhance accuracy. Mountain ranges are now more obstructive, and some higher mountain ranges were given snow/tundra tiles for aesthetic purposes only.
    - The map is now includes more shorelines of North Africa.
    - The Rock of Gibraltar has shifted one tile to the east and the Strait of Gibraltar has been slightly altered.
    - The zip file now contains a preview image file.

    - Some of the coastlines have been adjusted. (The map still looks a bit squashed... can't put my finger on what exactly makes me feel that way)
    - Improved coast tile connections in the Alboran Sea.
    - Reduced desert tiles on the North African coast.


    1. iberia_O0W.jpg