An extended version of the original Microprose Fantastic Worlds ice planet scenario by John Valdez.

Mod files rescued from Atomic Network backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE.

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Original Description/Intro:
Sometime in the far off future, the human race develops the technology to travel
between the stars. Not sure of what they will find on their voyage to the unknown,
the humans assemble the most elite troops on the planet into a single force aptly named the
Galaxial Troops. With high hopes they set out to the the closest known planet in another
galaxy- Jharlei: The Ice Planet. What they found on this seemingly barren world turned their
historic mission into a fight for survival. An ancient alien force called the Kydextrians
landed before the humans. They have come to Jharlei in search of a rare
element, called Tronadium, that is required by the royal egg-layer. This Royal Kydextrian
Hive Empress, named Gila by the native Ventry race, is the key to the survival of these hideous
xenophages. The Kydextrians have begun their quest to rid the planet of any other life and claim
the planet for their own.
As the Ventry Nation, your goal is to simply survive and fend off this alien menace.
As the Galaxial Troops, your mission is to stay alive long enough to rebuild another spacecraft to
return home. Finally, as the Kydextrians...kill or be killed.
(Contact between the Kydextrians and any other civilization is strictly forbidden!)
(If playing as the Galaxial Troops, you are the only civ able to get to space flight. . .
do not give the Ventry any techs for space travel.)


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