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Icon Atlas 8x8 (256) 2048x2048 xcf (new) 2016-10-05

I cleaned up the template icon atlas I found in the civ dump (I think that is where I found it). It had some rough edges. I also added four "icon states" at the end of the grid, for testing in the game: transparent, red, black, blue. I just use them as placeholders to mean different things while I develop.

XCF format - can export to DDS in GIMP. I can upload PSD for those that want that.

8x8 grid
each cell is 256px x 256px
each circle is 172px x 172px with aliased edges

total dimensions: 2048px x 2048px

There is no layer mask and overspill (outside of circle) will show up in the game as "popping out" of the circle as is seen in many of the icon graphics.
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