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Imperialism 3 2020-01-20

Based on Exile's 1870 Scenario

  1. CurtSibling

    Enjoy the grand campaign with all the new units, features and slicker play than the previous versions.

    Made with and requires ToTPP.
    In the ToTPP setup screen, most patches are your own choice, I do recommend you have
    the visible explosions patch on and set the game unit cap at 7000. This way the dreaded
    "too many units" problem will not occur. I used version 13 to create Imperialism 3.

    I also recommend the use of "Civitas" to give control of cities away if you wish to release colonial
    deadweight from your empire. For instance, as the Germans, I gave the independants my Far East
    cities, as I saw no profit in pumping money into them, instead my focus was Africa...

    But that is entirely up the player...The utility is there for that purpose.

    As ever, my thanks to Exile for the original concept and scenario, and to Fairline for his amazing units.