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Improved City Names 2022-06-11

Improves city names for all civs and increases the number of city names that are considered when founding a new city, allowing for a greater diversity of names to appear in game. Compatible with modded civs, and has improved/personalized city names for many modded civs and leaders.

Also contains alternate name lists that can be enabled by editing the ICN_Config.sql file, allowing for the following options:
  • Use Limited Names for England/Spain (Victoria and Philip won't have cities from Scotland, Italy, etc.)
  • Alternate American Names (according to 1900 Census)
  • Alternate Roman Names (according to population size, mid 2nd century)
  • Alternate French Names (according to population size, c. 1600)

A list of names (and their rationale/methodology), along with compatible mods and alternate name lists, can be found here[]
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