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Improved Graphics for CIV v2.0 2016-10-05



This mod was designed for Beyond the Sword, but it is compatible with all versions of Civilization IV. It only modifies the base graphics (no new units, or civ diversity) and I've included an installation guide to help you install which features you would like to use.

It can easily be merged with mods like Varietas Delectat if you like, or you can place it in your custom assets making it available for all of your games.

I also recommend downloading the PerfectWorld mapscript as it generates more realistic land masses and terrain layouts than the default mapscripts.
  • Improves terrain and ocean graphics.
The terrain is now a lot more detailed, and feels more realistic. Some of the resources have been updated as well. Unmodified screenshots are on the left, and the Improved Graphics screenshots are on the right.

  • Improves some unit graphics.
I have included Millenia's hi-def infantry texture, and have improved some other units.

  • Improves civlopedia graphics.
I have included seZereth's grassy viewport graphics, and have created new textures for the ocean and coastal viewports.

  • Improves leaderheads to make them more realistic.
I have modified all of the leaders by fixing inaccuracies and adding more detail. For example, Bismarck is now wearing his correct uniform, Gandhi's head is a normal size for his body, and his skin is darker, and Caesar's robes are a better shade of Tyrian purple. I have also changed the default Washington model with the one from Colonization.


Spoiler :

There are two ways to install this mod:

(1). This option will install the mod for all of your games. It will NOT overwrite anything important, unless you have CUSTOM graphics already installed in your CustomAssets folder.

- In your computer, find your "My Games" folder (it will be in your My Documents folder under your username). In the My Games folder you will find all the Civ IV games you have, open the one you want to install this mod to (for example, Beyond the Sword). Open the file you just downloaded (use winrar or 7-zip). You will find a folder called CustomAssets in the archive, extract it to the folder you just found before, overwriting everything (again, this isn't important stuff you're overwriting). Now, it should work perfectly for the expansion you installed it to - just run CIV and check out the new graphics.

- If you want to remove certain features (for example, you may not like the new Washington leaderhead) simply go into your CustomAssets folder, then the Art folder, and find "Washington" in the leaderheads folder and delete it. When you start up CIV you will have the old Washington leaderhead back.

- This applies to all of the features (units, resources, terrain etc.) They can all be removed by deleting the relevant files.

(2). Only use this option if you want the Improved Graphics as a separate mod. You will have to load the mod every time you want to play it ingame, or set the mod to automatically load every time. Find where you installed CIV (default, I think, is C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization IV) then go to your expansion folder (if you have an expansion) and find the "Mods" folder. Create a new folder here and call it Improved Graphics, or whatever. In this folder create a folder called "Assets". Now extract the ART and RES folders from inside the Custom assets folder inside the archive you downloaded, and extract it into the Assets folder you just created.


Credits to Firaxis, seZereth and Blue Marble. I've used their graphics to help me make the nicest terrain possible. :)

Also thanks to Millenia for his high-def infantry texture, The_Coyote for helping me reduce the size of the leaderhead buttons via python, asioasioasio for his invaluable button maker utility and R8XFT for diagnosing a CTD bug. :)


Spoiler :
- Fixes CTD with grid button.
- Fixes problem with the tundrablend.dds (thanks R8XFT)
- Fixes the alpha channel on Joao. (thanks ten_yen)
- Improves grass and plains using seZ's textures from Fury Road.
-Improves a lot of the detail textures, I have used some from Colonization and made some new ones for the grass and desert textures.
- Ocean and coastal tiles are now easier to differentiate.
- Adds a new variety of trees to the temperate areas.

- Improves some resource graphics.
- Updates some leaderheads skin tones.
- Some other minor updates.
- Fixes "coastal" viewport graphics in Civilopedia
- Changes plains terrain to make it easier to differentiate them from the grassland terrain.
- Some other minor updates.

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