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India Civilization Pack 2016-10-05

India Civilization Pack

  1. Pouakai

    India Civilization Pack

    The Indian Subcontinent was home to many empires and countless cultures which rose and fell throughout its recorded history. Nestled between the Indus and Ganges rivers, Indian civilizations developed a unique culture of unparalleled grandiosity, majesty and refinement. Here, four of those civilizations await your command. The ancient Maurya Empire, forged by the famed Chandragupta in 322 BC and ruled by mighty Ashoka from 268 to 232 BC; the Chola Empire, who under the rule of Raja Raja I entered an age of military, cultural and naval dominance in southern India; the Mughals who blended Indian and Islamic cultures and left a lasting legacy on India as one of her greatest empires; and the Maratha, who conquered the Mughals and ruled India until the invasion of the British.

    All four civilizations have TSL values for Gedemon's YnAEMP maps, allowing them true start location support when using those maps. They also have custom music, and voiceovers provided by Andrew Holt. In addition to the four, India has been updated with new uniques and a new UA.

    Maurya - Ashoka
    The ancient Maurya Empire, forged by the famed Chandragupta in 322 BC and ruled by mighty Ashoka from 268 to 232 BC, excels in conquest and war elephants. Yet it is peace time when the Maurya benefit from increased faith and culture.
    Chakravartin - Upon making peace, receive Culture per turn from followers of your religion. The amount of culture increases with the amount of cities captured in the previous war. The bonus is lost and reset on capturing a city or declaring war.
    Unique Unit: War Elephant, replaces the Chariot Archers. Stronger and slower than the chariot archer, but can move through rough terrain without expending all movement points.
    Pillar of Ashoka, replaces Courthouse. Can be built in every city, and provides additional happiness and faith. Upon founding a religion, the Pillar of Ashoka converts 75% of the city's population to your religion.

    The Chola - Raja Raja I
    The Chola Empire ruled southern India for almost a millennium, between 4th and 13th centuries AD. Under the rule of Raja Raja I, who led the country from 985 to 1014 AD, the empire entered its age of military, cultural and naval dominance. The Chola were masters of sailing, navigation and trade, and have established a vast, overseas sphere of influence.
    Samayan Trade Guilds - Domestic Trade routes yield +1 :c5gold: Gold. Trade Routes with City-States generate Great Admiral points and influence with the City-State (this does not suspend influence decay). Bonuses doubled for Naval trade routes.
    Unique Unit: Thalai-Thirvai, replaces Great Admiral. May attack and defend. Becomes more powerful with advances in naval technology.
    Unique Unit: Kadatpadai, replaces Caravel. Receives a combat bonus when fighting adjacent to barbarians

    The Mughals - Akbar
    16th century marked the turning point in early modern history of India, when descendants of Genghis Khan and Timur invaded the Sultanate of Delhi and established the mighty Mughal Empire in its place. Subsequent influx of migrants and specialists from Persia produced a unique mixture of Indian and Islamic culture, courtly customs and architecture. Emperor Akbar was one of the greatest of Mughal rulers, leading the country from 1556 to 1605 AD. The Mughals benefit from wonders and golden ages and are very potent at sieging cities.
    Architectural Majesty - During Golden Ages every 2 Buildings provide +1 :c5production: Production and Wonders provide +3 :c5culture: Culture.
    Unique Unit: Farsakh Cannon, replaces Cannon. Much more powerful, but very weak to melee attacks. Can only move when at full health. It is also much more expensive to build than the cannon
    Unique Building: Qila, replaces Castle. Provides +2 Tourism after Flight is researched. Provides +1 Golden Age point for every two wonders and 1 for every four buildings in the city. Contains one slot for a Great Work of Art. City must have Walls

    Maratha - Shivaji
    The Maratha empire rose to power as the prime adversary of the Mughals in the late 17th century. Having defeated the stagnant empire on many occasions, the Maratha established their own. Shivaji Bhosale was its founder, and ruled it from 1674 to 1680 AD. The Maratha Empire remained the main power in India until the 19th century, when it was picked away piece by piece by British colonial companies and their armies.
    Adnyapatra - May expend citizens to purchase infantry units. Upon the discovery of Gunpowder, receive 2 free Sepoys.
    Unique Unit: Sepoy, replaces Musketmen. Cheaper and weaker than the musketmen
    Unique Unit: Pindari, replaces Lancer. Receives a bonus against gunpowder units

    India - Gandhi
    Although still largely similar to the Vanilla version, India has an updated UA (to remove the negative aspect), a new UU (since Maurya stole the elephant) and a new UB (since the Mughals stole the fort)
    Mother Ganges - Unhappiness from number of Citizens halved. Cities adjacent to rivers receive +5% growth for every religion present in the city
    Unique Unit: Gurkha, replaces Great War infantry. Stronger, slightly more expensive. Receives a bonus when fighting outside of friendly territory
    Unique Buillding: Mandir, replaces Temple. +1 Faith for every 2 Citizens in the city ​


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