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Industrial Earth Map 2016-10-05

Industrial Earth Map

  1. HardRocker
    NOTE: This is my first mod, so feedback is welcome. I will try to use feedback to improve the mod / scenario. :D

    There is only one map that comes with this file:
    - Industrial Earth 18 Civs

    Idustrial Earth 18 Civs is a conversion of Rhye's Earth map for cIV. I just added some resources, moved some tiles, and created the scenario. included is Iceco's "Not Another City States Mod (v 11)".

    The thread for this file can be found here:

    1) Extract file to My Documents/My Games/Civilization 5/MODS

    2) Launch Civ V.

    3) Install the mod in the mod browser.

    4) Play the scenario.


    1. 2011_07_04_00001_Cj4.jpg
    2. 2011_07_08_00001_3LG.jpg
    3. 2011_07_08_00002_G2x.jpg
    4. 2011_07_08_00003_zI6.jpg
    5. 2011_07_08_00004_8pK.jpg