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Info Addict

  1. robk
    Info Addict

    Current Version: v21 (2013-09-08)
    Compatible with Game Version:

    Adds time based graphs showing civilizations' score, gold, military power, etc., visual representation of global relationships and tons of extra info on each civ. To access the Info Addict screen, hit the scroll button underneath the turn indicator and select "Info Addict". The main screen will pop up and you will be able to choose from three different panels where you can view historical data for each empire in several different categories, a world factbook that ranks each civilization by several demographics and a global relationship screen that illustrates the political and economic links between each empire.

    Info Addict also adds a button to the trade and discussion screens so you can check Info Addict when a leader proposes a trade, pact or declaration of war.

    Please note: this mod collects and saves the data it displays, so it will only work with games that have been started after Info Addict is enabled. It is also necessary to keep Info Addict enabled throughout the lifetime of the game to make sure there are no breaks in the data.


    Historical Graphs
    • Tracks civ statistics over time.
    • Clicking on a civ in the key to the left will highlight that civ in the current graph.
    • To remove a civ highlight, click on that civ again or hit the "Reset Selection" button that appears at the bottom left.
    • A zoom button appears in the bottom right corner as time progresses so you can zoom in on the last several turns to see immediate effects of your actions.
    • Each drawn line is offset by one pixel so that they don't overwrite each other.
    • Hovering over the graphing field will highlight that turn and display a tooltip with all the civs' values at that time (must be turned on from the options screen). Thanks to kris159 for this idea.

    World Factbook
    • Demographics on steroids.
    • You can view world wide rankings for each data category.
    • You can also view demograhic data for each civ with ranking information included.
    • Unlike the vanilla civ demographics, ranks are only based on the civs that you have met so far. Rankings expand as you meet more civs.
    • Clicking on a row title in the empire view will take you to the view for that category. Also, clicking on a empire in the category view will take you to the empire view for that civ.

    Global Relations
    • Visual representation of global empire relationships.
    • Lines are drawn between civ icons to indicate an active relationship based on the current view. The color of the line defines the type of relationship and those colors are indicated in a key at the bottom right corner of the window.
    • You can select different views via the menu on the bottom left.
    • Each icon has a mouseover tooltip with detailed information for each relationship.
    • You can select empire icons to show only the relationships associated with those empires. Tooltips on other empires change to show only relationship details with your selection or selections.
    • You can also select the different relationship types from the key on the bottom right to view only those types.
    • Dead civs show up as dimmed icons and tooltips for that empire are no longer shown.

    Misc. Features
    • All panels only display civilizations that you've met so far.
    • Leader trade and discussion screens include a button to check Info Addict.
    • A selection reset button appears in the historical and global relations panels whenever a civ or relationship type is selected. This clears all current selections and redraws the current graph.
    • Various options are available in the Options panel.
    • All text is localized. If you would like to have your translations included with the mod, use XML/InfoAddictText.xml as a template and send me your additions via PM.
    Main Thread:


    1. landarearanking_yEM.png
    2. empirefactbook_hgr.png
    3. cropyieldgraph_78W.png
    4. highlightedgraph_UhP.png
    5. political_view_ytm.jpg
    6. political_view_with_tooltip_N1i.jpg
    7. economic_view_9aI.jpg
    8. economic_view_with_tooltip_o41.jpg
    9. economic_EvG.jpg
    10. economicwithtooltip_9ew.jpg
    11. empirefactbook_pPu.jpg
    12. militarychart_bt8.jpg
    13. militaryhighlighted_h07.jpg
    14. politicalgraph_MKP.jpg