InkAxis' Kushan Empire for VP

InkAxis' Kushan Empire for VP 2.5

Add the Kushan Civilization to Vox Populi, led by Kanishka the Great.

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Nestled in between great empires of Rome and Han China, the Kushan civilization flourished off Silk Road trade and military might. Their culture grew as a unique blend of various cultures and religions from across the world, and they spread Buddhism to China.

UA - The Syncretic Empire
Trade Routes boost missionaries in the destination city, increase pressure, and give :c5faith: Faith. Conquering a civilization's capital or converting them lets you add one of their beliefs to your religion or take one of their policies.

UU - Yuezhi Horse Archer
A cheap Mounted Unit replacing the Skirmisher. Only the Kushans may build it. It is slightly cheaper, can move after being purchased, and does not require Horses. Additionally, it does not need a Barracks to be purchased.

UB - Kaniska Stupa
Unique Grand Temple for the Kushans.
+1 :trade: Trade Route Slot, and a free Caravan. Gain an Artifact when another Civilization is converted to your Religion. All Trade Routes take half as many turns to complete.

Compatible with MUC4VP.
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