InkAxis' Kushan Empire for VP

InkAxis' Kushan Empire for VP 2.5

Compatible with VP 3.0
One bugfix for Kararaggo
UB now states in description max uses (3)
Some changes to be compatible with a fix for the issue of multiple civs converted on the same turn soon to be added to VP
Bugfix for other player's pantheon triggering UA
Updated to be compatible with VP 2.0
Added Domination as a primary victory pursuit and Cultural as secondary.
fix bug after converting multiple civs
Fixed a lot of bugs.
Rewrote most of UA code, should be much more stable now.
New Promotion Icons thanks to Asterix Rage.
With help of Hinin, we now have music for this civ! yay! The soundtrack is from Europa Barbarorum.
Kanishka Stupa fix
various SQL cleanup
anti-aliased icon thanks to Hinin.
more icon improvements to come.
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