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Insane Barbarians 2016-10-05

Insane Barbarians

This mod does a few things.

1> Roughly 4x the animals, 2.5x the land barbarians, 2x the barbarian cities, 2x the garrison in barbarian cities, 4x the water barbarians.

2> It removes all player-bonuses when fighting barbarians and animals.

3> It reduces AI bonuses against barbarians to 20% vs animals and 20% vs barbarians.

4> It makes barbarians show up earlier (about twice as early).

5> It lowers the chance that animals attack you on any difficulty above cheiftan and below diety.

This minimod lives entirely within the handicap file.

It is warlords 2.08 compatable. It may be vanilla compatable, but I didn't check.

Animals are ridiculously common. They are good practice to get your units XPed up to 5 XP, which gives you a better chance against the earlier hordes. Scouts have to be very very careful -- I would actually advise escorting them with a warrior after the animals pop.
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