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International Airport and Cargo Aircraft (v 2) 2016-10-05

International Airport and Cargo Aircraft (v 2)

  1. KnelRivendare
    v 2 changes-
    Spoiler :
    cuttet out the unhappiness, it didnt seem to work.
    decreased Gold income drastically.
    Cargo Aircraft has much higher cost now.
    fixed some text errors.

    Adds two new Buildings and a new Unit-

    International Airport:

    Tech- Radar
    +5% Traderoute yield.
    5 Gold maintenance.
    +15% Air Unit Production.
    Max 8 per player.

    Cargo Terminals:

    Tech- Radar.
    Requires an Airport in the City.
    Allows to Airlift one Unit per turn from one City to another.
    5 Gold maintenance.

    Cargo Aircraft:

    Tech- Radar.
    Requires Cargo Terminals in the City.
    Can hurry production in a City.
    Range- 20


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