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Invasion of Denmark 1940 2016-10-05

Invasion of Denmark 1940

  1. wonx2150
    This is a Scenario based on the German invasion of Denmark in 1940.

    This has some huge changes on the Original map. Ive fixed all the major problems with the last one and added in new content and improved it in every way i could find :)


    The year is 1940 Germany hoping to stop Britain from occupying Norway and cutting it off from its supply of raw materials, has began Operation Operation Weserübung. The planed invasion of Denmark and Norway. Its April 9, 1940 and German troops are Pushing across the Danish, German border, also Air born landings in northern Denmark and the Crossing between Zealand and Funen.

    Will you lead the German troops in there drive to take over the country, or help the Danish defend there homeland?

    This isn’t totally accurate and has been changed a bit to make it easier/better to play.
    The actually invasion only lasted a few hours and Denmark surrendered after Germany threatened to bomb Copenhagen. The Danish army ill equipped and outnumbered by the Germans. Despite of this they managed to stop the German advance in a few locations, though out the invasion. Most of the Danish army surrendered when the Government surrendered although some units retreated into Sweden. As they believed it had also been invaded and they hoped to continue the war from there.

    Denmark remained under German occupation for the rest of the war. The Danish government remained in the country and cooperated with the Germans. Although most Danes disliked them and like most countries occupied by the Germans Denmark had a resistance movement.

    Denmark was liberated by the British a few days before the end of the war although the island on Bornholm was occupied by the Russians.

    Hopefully Ive got most of the bugs. Although I'm not surprised if i missed something so let me know :)

    email and suggestions or comments to me yocal2150[at]gmail(dot)com.


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