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Iraqi Gladiator Fighter 2016-10-05

Iraqi Gladiator Fighter

  1. Wolfshanze
    Based on the Gladiator (British) Civ4 model by Nautil, This is a complete reskin on the Iraqi Gladiator (Fighter) for Sumerian and Babylonian civs (as both were in what is today, modern-day Iraq). Despite the fact it is a biplane, it was the best/most modern fighter the Iraqis had during WWII.

    During the thirties, the Royal Iraqi Air Force purchased numerous aircraft from various countries. Among these purchases were 15 Gladiator Mk.Is from RAF M.E. stocks; although the exact date of purchase remains a mystery.
    The aircraft were based at Mosul and Raschid and were maintained by RAF at Habbaniyah Aircraft Depot.

    The Iraqi aircraft took part in the attacks on British-controlled RAF Habbaniyah in May 1941 during the Iraqi revolt. The Gladiators came from 2 (Fighter) Squadron, which operated 9 Gladiators from Kirkuk. During this revolt, the Iraqi Gladiators claimed one shared victory. Ironically, the British flew Gladiators in this conflict too.

    On 1 March 1944, five ex-RAF M.E. Gladiator Mk.IIs were delivered as replacement aircraft from RAF stocks at Habbaniyah. Two of these aircraft are known to have been airworthy at Mosul in 1949.

    Uses fighter animations... custom button included.

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