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Italy: The Renaissance Years 2016-10-05

Italy: The Renaissance Years

  1. jaldaen
    Italy: The Renaissance Years (v.1)
    by Joseph Miller (aka jaldaen)

    -1- Description
    -2- Potential Mod Conflicts
    -3- Version History
    -4- Credits
    -5- Contact information

    == Description ==

    This mod adds Italy as a playable civilization.

    Leader: Lorenzo de Medici

    Renaissance (Unique Trait): Your great people birth rate is increased by 50%. You also recieve a free Great Artist when you
    research Theology.

    Condottiero (Unique Unit): The Condottiero is an Italian unique unit. This unit replaces the Knight unit. The Condottiero has less Strength than the Knight unit, but gains a +50% bonus to defense and costs only two-thirds as much to produce, allowing the Italian player to build up a medieval mounted army much quicker than their rivals.

    Piazza (Unique Building): The Piazza is an Italian unique building, replacing the Garden. The Piazza doesn't need to be built next to a River or Lake and greatly increases the city's Culture, speeding the growth of the city's territory and the civilization's acquisition of Social Policies. It also allows the creation of an Artist specialist from the city's population, increasing the speed at which Great Artists appear. The Piazza has no maintenance costs.

    == Potential Mod Conflicts ==

    This mod will conflict with other mods that add Italy as a civilization.

    If you notice any other conflicts, then please let me know.

    == Version History ==

    Version .1:
    -Added Italy as playable civilization.

    Reasoning: I wanted to create a civilization that was focused on great person production and I felt that Renaissance Italy was the best candidate for this concept.

    If someone is an artist and wants to help me to come up with unique art for Lorenzo, the Condottiero, and the Piazza, then please let me know. I also wouldn't mind someone helping me put together some circular icons for Italy to match those of the
    other civilizations. Also if someone knows how to edit the audio files to make a unique dialogue set for Lorenzo, I'd love to have the extra help.

    == Credits ==

    Derek "Kael" Paxton for his Modder's Guide.
    Thalassicus for their Modder's Starter Package.

    == Contact information ==

    I can be contacted via PM on the civfanatics forum. My user name is: jaldaen.