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Ivalice - FFT 1.0

A map of Ivalice from the RPG Final Fantasy Tactics for Civ 3 Conquests. 6p-31p

  1. LordIvanthefox
    This is a map of the kingdom of Ivalice, from the game, Final Fantasy Tactics. It's one of my favorite games of all time, so I decided to try and create a Civ map based on it.


    This is for Civilization 3 Conquests, and I specifically made it on the steam version, but it should work on the non-steam version.

    Included in the download are two biqs: one for 6p with resources and player starting locations set to support this, and one with 31p and resources and player starts to support this.

    No rules have been edited. It does not use any custom art assets. The map is 104x118. Just place the mod in the Conquests/Scenario folder and then play from civ content.

    If there are any suggestions with regards to resources or details, please let me know! I just used the redistribute option in the editor to randomly allocate them.


    1. unknown.png
    2. fft2.png
    3. fft3.png
    4. fft4.png
    5. fft5.png
    6. fft6.png