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János Szapolyai, optimized 2016-10-05

János Szapolyai, optimized

  1. cool3a2
    This is an optimized / fixed version of Nitram15s Szapolyai. Basically, I fixed some references to sshader maps, changed the shader from TLeaderheadShaderNoSkin to TLeaderheadShader (to be sure everything is fine, although I'm not aware of that nitrams technique causes trouble), done some further work tu the shader, made a noshader version and a button and as side-effect fixed an issue that caused SceneViewer to crash.

    Alternative link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mwf8as885scjjxj/Szapolyai.7z



    1. szapolyai_rTQ.jpg