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Jagdgeschwader's REAL WWII World Map [1.0][362x316] 2017-11-15

New editing technique and INCREDIBLY Realistic WWII World Map

  1. jagdgeschwader
    First off, I used the map from from WWII Hinge of Fate scenario as a starting template, so the creator of that map deserves some credit. However, I have drastically modified it to be incredibly visually accurate in terms of geographical terrain pictures, and to do this I developed a new editing technique.

    Through a slow, pain-staking process, I individually identified pertinent tile squares and made changes to the LM terrain files to accurately depict the terrain spread of a real world map. Because this has been an ongoing project, when I originally started I didn't necessarily do so in the most organized way, and although I have gotten much better from this standpoint it is still not perfect and they may be a few unnecessarily modified tiles or a few minor discretions. Nevertheless, it's pretty darn good (as you can see from the pictures) and even though this is an ongoing project that is still far from complete, I wanted to go ahead and provide the map to anyone who wants to use it. Note: because I had to edit files, if you want the map in all its glory you will have to load the edited terrain files into the scenario's folder.

    Also, this is a WWII oriented map, so it is a little bit Euro-centric. I have made changes to every continent, but the most substantial and detailed are to Europe.

    The most heavily modified areas:

    Denmark: notice the tile work with lakes in the tundra
    Holland: the tiny island change where Amsterdam is
    France: Normandy/Pas-de-Calais area
    Italy: the boot is 10/10 and the Adriatic Sea around Trieste is spot on
    Black Sea: this is a work of art

    (note the black sea is actually slightly better than the initial pictures, the coast square in the Sea of Azov needs to be made a LM square which changes the desert coast (this is the editing technique I was referring to). To do this, place a LM **sea** square there, and then replace the other tiles and it will convert it LM cost) - I attached another pic to make this clear


    1. Europe2.png
    2. Europe3.png
    3. Europe1.png
    4. South Pacific.png
    5. Japan.png
    6. Great Lakes.png
    7. Black-Caspian.png
    8. Euro-details.png
    9. Italy-detailed.png
    10. Black-Sea-edit.png