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JAnimals: A Wild Wilderness 2016-10-05

JAnimals: A Wild Wilderness

  1. Jeckel
    This mod aims to add a little danger into the Colonization 2 world. Barbarian Animal Units will be randomly spawned based on various criteria set in XML. I have included various kinds of Animals, both those from the Americas and some from other parts of the world. This was done with African, Asian, and other possible Colonization Scenarios in mind.

    What Animals Spawn in any given Tile is determined by what are called Animal Natives. Animals can have Terrain Natives, Feature Natives, and Bonus Natives. When a Random Animal needs to be Spawn, the Tile is checked and for each Native that the Tile has, Animals with those Natives will have their Spawn Value increased by a random amount (which is set in GlobalDefinesAlt.xml). The Animal with the highest Value will then be Spawned. If an Animal, such as the Elephant, Pig, or Dog, has no Natives set, then it will never be randomly Spawned.

    Included Animals
    Spoiler :

    Land Animals
    Name (Strength, Movement)
    Elephant (5, 2) - Not Randomly Spanned, Animations Problem
    Gorilla (3, 1)
    Pig (1, 1) - Not Randomly Spanned

    Polar Bear (4, 1)
    Brown Bear (3, 1)
    Black Bear (2, 2)

    Wolf (2, 2)
    Hyena (2, 2)
    Dog (1, 2) - Not Randomly Spanned

    Lion (3, 2)
    Panther (2, 3)
    Cougar (2, 2)

    Sea Animals
    Name (Strength, Movement)
    Giant Tortoise (4, 2)
    Kraken (6, 3)
    Sea Serpent (5, 4) - Not Randomly Spanned, Model and Animations Problem

    Needed Animal Graphics
    Spoiler :


    Thread: JAnimals Mod Discussion
    Sources: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=11177