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Japan Type 3 Medium Tank 2016-10-05

Japan Type 3 Medium Tank

  1. KrugerPritz
    Japanese Medium Tank Type 3 ChiNu

    I really needed a 3rd WW2 japanese tank, but didn't have the blueprints,
    So I've seen that this tank was derivated from the Type 97 ChiHa, and that
    was relatively simple to modify it.
    I tryed to stretch the texture less than possible by resetting the UV map.

    meshes uploaded on Type 97 (Tank.nif author unknown)
    but saved as Type3.nif (the proper nif to use)

    Uses Tank animations, NOT included

    Texture is the same of the Type 97, so I have now an army with the same camo colours
    (and so this is almost a team colour :))

    Feel free to use it as You want




    1. type3_9UR.jpg
    2. type3b_8d5.jpg
    3. chinu_wQ4.jpg
    4. chinu2_sE2.jpg