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Japan Type 74 MBT 2016-10-05

Japan Type 74 MBT

  1. KrugerPritz
    Japan Cold War period Mbt Type 74
    Modelled by me.
    This tank is very similar to Leopard 1A1... what makes the difference is the turret... I hope to have been able to make it well.
    Meshes uploaded on Snafusmith Leopard 1a3, and uses its animations (included)
    The traks are from type 97 Chi-Ha (reshaped). The pilot turret is copied from Snafusmith CV9040.
    Texture: blueprint found in internet and coloured from a model example (there'se also a part o f the type 97 (author Unknown)


    Feel free to use it as You want.


    1. type74_196.jpg
    2. type74ingame_3ek.jpg
    3. type74ingame2_NUn.jpg